Back in the sixth grade, I wasn’t particularly sports oriented guy.  I had some swimming classes in the past, and I could be seen around neighborhood garages and local construction sites jumping between the buildings, and regular pre-internet childhood things like that. But I’ve started to notice that when we had a running (warm up) part of the Physical Ed class, I wasn’t the fastest person in the class, actually I often was the latest to finish, even girls (you know girls always had lower bars in PE class), including my crush at the time. So I decided to do something about it, and luckily for me there was a track team in our school, and my crush was on that team too 🙂 So I signed up and got accepted on the spot, since they had lack of boys on the team.

Year later my crush has switched to an another school (nothing to do with me, I swear) 🙂 And I was running faster than any girl in our class. Also I got hooked on the “sport things”, having that place of solitude while you’re running is what I was looking for the most. Nobody would bother you with questions and call you a lazy bum when you just having some deep thoughts.

Another year passed, and I was faster than anybody else in our class and all other classes of the same grade. Sometime the school would pull me for a city-level competitions, however it wasn’t as successful there. I didn’t care that much though, since it wasn’t about the results, but mostly about practice few hours a week, when I can be left alone with myself.

Later that year I’ve found my first job, and it was totally different level of escapism 🙂 So it was much harder to find time for a track team practice. This concludes the first part of the story about my relationship with running, I’ve had few more comebacks, and it’s always been something. Running
would always pull me out of hard situations in my life.

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