I’ve never liked to run. At school it was like a penalty for me, after the first round of the cross around the stadium at a physical education class, I always wanted to die. No one taught us how to run, it was obligatory to be warmed-up before a class. We didn’t know that we shouldn’t hurry and have to keep a certain pace. Poor children, pushes as hard as they could, with red faces and a desire to kill a teacher.

There was never a desire to go for the morning or evening jog in the area where I lived. After graduating from the university, for many years (and to this day), my “sport” and what is usually called lifestyle, have been roller skates. So, when someone said to me “And what about running?” I replied – “Pff … it’s just so boring! Why should I do it, when I have my freedom – the clips! On them I can move much faster , it’s more interesting, I can cover tens of kilometers in the city! Running can’t give me all of this.”

8 years later, the passion to the rollers somewhat subsided (not completely), I moved to another area, my life have changed. Twitter introduced me to one great person, Valentin Desyatnik (https://www.facebook.com/10nyk). He is the embodiment of the racing movement for me. I was always amazed when he was running under any weather conditions and everywhere where brought him life. Well, meantime, I got a membership to a gym, and I began to look sometimes at a treadmill (for some reason I didn’t want to run in the park nearby the place where I live). A year later I realized I’m ready. I remembered how I said to Valentine that running is not my thing. I bought sportswear, running shoes and made the first attempt – here are my first impressions after running (https://www.instagram.com/p/BFyIo6yO96A/).


“If you didn’t post your run to Instagram, you didn’t run”))) I’m not early bird and not a fan of running, but I had to get out of my comfort zone. The first 300 meters I wanted ti turn around and go home, then I just wanted to lie down on the grass and stay there. I hope it will get easier”. Every jog was a suffering for me, every time I got back home exhausted, but the feeling after you’re don is hard to compare with something else. You’re as proud of yourself that you’ve done something that was previously unacceptable.

In the winter, I began to experiment more and more with my body trying to run on a treadmill. A treadmill is a very convenient machine – you can turn on some video, run and watch. It distracts from the thoughts that you’re tired, and don’t let you feel bored. So beginning with three minutes on a treadmill I increased my time to 40 minutes. I even couldn’t imagine that I’m able to do it. I tried to run while traveling. The most remarkable memory is the jog along the Atlantic Ocean in Portugal (this is much more inspiring than running the Kiev courtyards). The next step was to take part in the official race. I convinced my friends so they made up the company – the color race was the great experience! Here you can see pictures: https://www.facebook.com/EstaKovalenko/posts/1220910594586689

Running a race is completely different from the usual “individual” jogging. It’s hard to describe what you feel when an incredible amount of people, like you, overcome themselves and cover a distance with pleasure and inspiration! It gives you confidence, you discover new opportunities – it turns out that you can run faster than usual. Sports competition gives an extra motivation. You don’t even notice how you cover all distance.

This year has become special for me. I made a big effort and lost 23 kg (50 lb) . Running have become a regular activity for me and I’m always participating in races. Now it brings pleasure, not suffering as it was before. Now I can run 10 km (6 miles) outside. A record on a treadmill is 13 km (8 miles). Looking back where I’ve been a year ago, I still can’t believe I was able to overcome my dislike for running. I always remember Valentine who inspires me for determination and dedication.

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