The purpose of the project is to inspire people to be physically active, as well as to give people hope, belief in themselves, help to fight depression, anxiety, and find the way to a happier life through running. The author of the project transformed herself, and since she got into the running community, amazing stories she has heard from different people has inspired her every day. So, she decided to collect as many stories as she could to inspire others.

Many people think that you have to be born as an athlete, but most people, who’s stories you can read on the website, have never been athletes. They are regular people who you might meet every day and you would never guess how interesting their path is. Everyone can find a story similar to theirs and change their life forever. Everyone can become healthier, stronger, and happier.

Many people who used to hate running fall in love with the feeling of freedom, meditation, and clear mind which running gives you. All you need is pair of shoes… No matter what’s happening in your life right now, no matter how you feel – good or bad, put your shoes on and run. Nothing can beat this simple and free cure. Read more stories on the website, share your story, and inspire yourself and other people.

The goal is to make this project international, global. No matter what your race, sex, age, or what country you live in, we are all humans who were created in a similar way and face similar struggles. We all can run, feel similar sensations in our bodies, and transform our minds. Even if you don’t speak English, I’m encouraging you to send me your story written in your language.  As an immigrant, myself, I understand what a language barrier is, but I would love to share as many stories as possible.  I’ll translate your writing, and I’ll share with people from all over the world.

Built on my own enthusiasm and desire to help people, this is a not commercial project. So, I hope people will be willing to share their stories to make a positive contribution. I know that the running community is very friendly, large, and supportive. Let us share our love of running with someone who really needs it at this moment. You never know what impact you can make. And if you think your story is ordinary, remember that any story as any person is unique.